Hi, I’m Carlos X. Díaz

a Puertorrican contemporary queer Latinx fine artist, graphic designer, social media coordinator, community organizer and HIV/STI prevention specialist.

 2017 - 2018

Voice of Equality,
Equality Florida Institute

Voice of Equality:

As member of the Executive Director's Board of QLatinx, Carlos was recognized as part one of the most influential and impact driven voices of the Latinx Community.


BFA I University of Puerto Rico

Aug 2006-July 2011

Minor Design I University of Puerto Rico

Aug 2008 - July 2011

Fine Art

Community Outreach

Web Content Development

Creative Concept


carlitos headshot.png

09_Hablando Alto Marketing/

Social Media Coordination

Get in touch with me so we can collaborate on your next project!

carlitos@qlatinx.org, 407-864-9330